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Kids Karate & Martial Arts, Self Defense

Adult Kickboxing, Muay Thai,

Bootcamp in Newtown, CT

Burn up to 1000 CALORIES a class while LOSING WEIGHT, BUILDING MUSCLE and getting in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE in a fun and exciting way!


Kid's will learn FOCUS, DISCIPLINE, LEADERSHIP SKILLS, TEAMWORK, SELF DEFENSE and IMPROVE LISTENING SKILLS that will help them outside of the dojo and help them  BECOME A BETTER STUDENT!


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It's about FAMILY

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Master Russ Moore

Owner / Head Coach
Alex Moore

Junior Coach
Greg Crowley

Matt Fink

Tim Williams

Colton Procaccini

Junior Coach
Michael Glinski

Lead Junior Coach
Annie Praino

Front Desk Staff
Peter Kohlsaat

Junior Coach
Marcela Crowley

Front Desk Staff
Johnny Diaz

Junior Coach
Krys Russo

Cindy Moore

Coach / Front Desk Manager
What our members are SAYING

"Since joining I've seen physical and mental achievements. I've lost weight, got in better shape and am more confident and I have better drive than I did before."

"The teamwork that is on the mat for these kids is amazing. He has learned how to be a leader, a team player and he learned how to defend himself."

" I like the family aspect of it. I love when you walk in and the music is pumping and everyone knows everybody and the kids have a nice comradery amongst themselves."

"Every workout is different, I always feel challenged and the workout goes by so fast without you even realizing it!"

Click here to view the video testimonial

Click here to view the video testimonial

Click here to view the video testimonial

Click here to view the video testimonial

"The camaraderie is pretty amazing, more so than probably any other place I've been and I'd like to keep coming here for a very long time!"

Click here to view the video testimonial

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We're located at 266 South Main St in Newtown, CT in the same plaza as Club 24 and Tazza. We serve the Newtown, Sandy Hook, Monroe, Southbury, Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield, Ridgefield, Easton and Shelton Communities!


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